Stearman Recruitment is dedicated to providing a service that will contribute to making your career change as contended as possible understanding that a career move can be a challenging experience. Advice is offered throughout the process that will effectively allow you to make the right career choice for you.


CV writing – In today’s job market your career and job opportunities will heavily depend on the strength and impact of your resume. It is important to gain feedback on what your potential employer is looking for and how you can format your resume to highlight the key attributes you have to offer that align with their requirements.

Interview techniques – Every interview will be different, however there are certain ways to prepare for your interviews that will give you the platform to present your most relevant attributes in the most positive way.

Salary Negotiation and advice - Negotiating a salary can be tricky and sometimes more manageable when you have a third party, either way it is always beneficial to have a professional second opinion, it is sometimes a very pressured part of the process.

Industry Trends – Being at the forefront of the industry across a broad network of companies that work across the development, construction and property lifecycle we can provide advice on industry trends and market activities that may enhance your career decisions.

Long term Career Aspirations and reaching your goals – Having had continuous experience in providing people with their next career options throughout their career and having a long understanding of what clients look for, gaining the correct advice at the earlier stage of your career can have a crucial impact on your success. It is the advice you take now and the decisions you make now that allow you the long term successes you strive for in the future, in your initial consultation we will discuss these goals at length to make sure you gain the best outcome for you.

Further Education – When planning your career, up-skilling is important to consider throughout your working life no matter what age you are or how successful you are. The individuals that gain the most success are the people that gain continuous advice and invest in further education. It is important to up-skill in the most targeted way to forge the career you are looking for. Ask for advice!

Resigning – Resigning is hopefully a rare event in your life and therefore you don’t get much practise. You would certainly hope not to go through this experience too many times throughout your career and therefore not only do you want to make sure you are resigning for the right career opportunity, you also want to make sure that you are prepared for every eventuality. Ask for advice!